6 Remodeling Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Larger

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Small bathrooms can be frustrating for homeowners, but certain changes can make them look larger. With a creative bathroom remodel, your small bathroom can be made to look more spacious. By choosing your fixtures wisely, installing a curbless shower, choosing colors that push back the walls, and lighting the space properly, you can make a small bathroom look more comfortable.

  1. Install a Toilet That Hugs the Wall

One of the reasons most residential toilets take up so much space is because the toilet sits away from the wall and takes up valuable floor space. Wall-mounted toilets come with the tank built into the wall. With the tank hidden, the toilet has a much smaller footprint in the room.

Most residential wall-mounted toilets have a sleek, contemporary look that appeals to homeowners with modern tastes. Homeowners seeking a vintage or antique appearance can get the same benefits from a pull-chain toilet. Pull-chain toilets sit closer to the wall because the tank is mounted near the ceiling. These toilets look just right in Victorian-style bathrooms.

If you’re going to install a wall-mounted or pull-chain toilet, talk to your plumber about maintenance for these two types of products. While they do have a smaller footprint, wall-mounts and pull-chains are sometimes harder to fix because their tank is not as easily accessible as standard toilets. Your plumber can give you an idea of what is involved in the repair of these toilets.

  1. Install a Triangular Bathroom Vanity

A triangular bathroom vanity positioned in the corner of the bathroom takes up half the space of standard rectangular bathroom vanity. Triangular bathroom vanities are also cute and unique and draw attention away from the small size of your bathroom.

To make the vanity look even smaller than it is, make it a wall-mounted unit. Leaving an empty area underneath the vanity gives the appearance that your small bathroom has more floor space.

Want to make your vanity even smaller? Install a wall-mounted faucet over your sink. This will enable you to buy a more compact sink, because it won’t include a faucet.

  1. Replace Bathtub With Small Curbless Shower

Bathtubs tend to take up a lot of space, but curbless showers can easily occupy about half the floor space of a bathtub. To make your curbless shower look as small as possible, replace your standard shower curtain with a glass shower enclosure. This will help keep the water in without creating a visual roadblock in the room.

Don’t like the idea of eliminating the bathtub from your bathroom? Replace your old bathtub with a mini soaking tub. These bathtubs are designed to take up little space and give you the comfort of a standard bathtub. Your plumber can talk to you about different models available and make suggestions for ways that you can fit it into your bathroom.

  1. Decorate With Calming Colors

Calming colors push back the walls and make the room seem a little larger. Minimizing the number of colors in the room can also open up the space and make it feel less overwhelming.

To minimize the number of colors in the bathroom, paint your walls the same color as your tiles and floors. Want a pop of color? Put a bright, little picture on the wall over the sink, or work with your plumber to choose a brightly colored bathroom sink.

  1. Remove Clutter

Clutter can make small rooms seem even smaller. To remove clutter from your bathroom, install customized cabinets or open shelving with baskets on the wall over the toilet. Move as much as possible out of the bathroom and into your linen closet, or place your items in a larger bathroom.

Work with your plumber to find a vanity that makes an efficient use of space, with drawers and compartments for storage.

  1. Install Good Lighting

Shadows make small rooms look even smaller. To eliminate shadows, install good lighting to ensure that all of the corners of the bathroom are always well-lit. If your bathroom has a window, take down any curtains or blinds that might block the light into the bathroom. If the window is very small, consider widening it (if this fits in your budget).

If possible, have an electrician install lighting in the space over the shower and over the toilet. These are two areas of the bathroom that can easily start to look dark, which can make your small bathroom feel more claustrophobic.

Contact a Knowledgeable Plumber

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, contact a knowledgeable plumber. Your plumber can give you suggestions for making your small bathroom look bigger. Working with a good plumber will also help ensure changes you make to your bathroom will be done right.

For more ways to make your bathroom look larger, contact Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc. at (630) 964-2222.  We’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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