5 Reasons to Rely On Professional Plumbers for New Product Installations and Upgrades

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Upgrades to the plumbing in your house can make big differences in the way you use your water daily. A new showerhead could provide increased water pressure. New kitchen sink faucet features could change the way you do dishes and make the process easier. When you purchase plumbing upgrades, you may feel confident following directions or watching tutorials.

Unfortunately, when you deal with plumbing, one error could lead to massive water damage. While you can purchase any upgrade or product you want and find the best deals on those products, you should contact a plumber for professional installation. The use of professionals comes with many benefits and allows you to enjoy the upgrades without problems.

1. Proper Compatibility

Not every plumbing upgrade will just snap or screw into place. If you try to force a product into a location, you could strip the thread on both the new product and your original plumbing connection. If you strip the new product, then you may not get the chance to use it and can void any return options.

If you strip the original plumbing, then you may need a professional to upgrade the pipes and change out some of the built-in connections. A plumber can check the compatibility of products and see how to connect them easily. If a product doesn’t connect directly, then a plumber can provide adapters and connectors to ensure the product fits or suggest one that does.

2. Installation Process and Leak Prevention

When you purchase new plumbing upgrades, you likely want to avoid leaks as much as possible. Even a small drip leak can create mold and cause water damage. If you upgrade an area like a kitchen sink, you may not notice a leak right away. Water could slowly drain through the bottom of the sink and create major issues.

A plumber has the proper tools to install new parts correctly and ensure leaks don’t occur. They will shut off the water properly before they start a repair and prevent issues like water hammers when they turn the water back on. A plumber will also ensure they don’t overtighten the fixtures. Too much tightness can create pressure and cracks in the plumbing parts.

3. Proper Lubing

If you connect plumbing pieces completely dry, then you could run into major problems when you try to upgrade elements in the future. Water can fill in the gaps of the parts and create a challenge if you ever need to remove the parts in the future. Hard water can dry around the connections and create a seal that you may need to cut off.

A plumber will properly lube up any areas of the plumbing with plumber’s grease. The lube will prevent moisture in the threads of connections and allow them to easily remove the plumbing for future needs. A plumber will typically have their own lube and knows exactly where to apply it.

4. Damage Prevention

New products often have nice visuals and aesthetics to match your home. The last thing you likely want is to ding or scratch the product when you install it. For example, you probably don’t want the rivets in an adjustable wrench to create marks on the end of a showerhead. Plumbers have multiple tools and methods to prevent product damage.

They have experience with product installation and will use all of their tools to protect the new product. They may wrap the products in soft cloths, use covered tools, and wear gloves to prevent dirty fingerprints and grease stains. Once fully installed, the product will look brand new, and the plumber will treat the items with care.

If necessary, a plumber could add some polish and shine to the new product to ensure all the dust and debris are gone.

5. Testing

Once a plumber installs new products, they will go through the testing process. The first parts include the water access. A plumber will turn the home’s water back on. They may run the water for a few minutes to remove any air bubbles from the pipes. When air bubbles come from the pipes, bursts of water may come out until the air goes away.

A plumber will ensure the new products work properly and make any adjustments or tweaks. If a problem does occur, a plumber will notice right away and make the proper repairs or changes. You don’t want to install a new product, run into problems, and then have to wait until a plumber shows up before you have water access again.

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