5 Kitchen Upgrades Ideal for Home Chefs

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If you are an avid home chef, then you may not realize that you can add many kitchen upgrades to your home that can make meal preparation and cleanup quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.

Read on to learn about five kitchen upgrades that are ideal for home chefs.

  1. Chef’s Sink

One kitchen upgrade that has become very popular among avid home cooks in recent years is the installation of a chef’s sink. A traditional residential kitchen sink typically comprises just one or two sink bowl compartments and a faucet. On the other hand, a chef’s sink, also called a workstation sink, contains many additional components designed to aid in food preparation and cleanup. 

While all chef’s sinks vary in design, many are equipped with dish-drying racks, removable colanders and cutting boards, and food storage bins. In addition, most of these sinks have several bowls that make it easier for one person to perform several tasks at the same sink or for two people to prepare separate food items at the same time. Each bowl typically has its own unique drain to make multitasking easier.

Chef’s sinks are available in many sizes and designs, so you can likely find one that works well in your kitchen even if you do not have a lot of extra counter space to spare. In fact, most of these sinks are designed with space-saving in mind because commercial kitchens often lack excess space.

  1. Second Kitchen Sink

If you have a large family who often interrupts your food preparation or meal cleanup time at the main sink, then you should consider installing a second sink, also called a prep sink, in your kitchen. A prep sink can be used to perform many tasks, such as handwashing and filling glasses with water, when the primary household chef is using the main kitchen sink.

While prep sinks can be installed in various locations throughout the kitchen, many homeowners install them on their kitchen islands. There, sink plumbing can be easily hidden within the island base, and the sink is typically an ideal distance away from the main kitchen sink and anyone using it.

  1. Pot-Filler Faucet

Another kitchen upgrade popular among home chefs is the pot-filler faucet. A pot-filler faucet is designed to help eliminate the back pain and strain many chefs experience when moving heavy pots filled with water from the kitchen sink to the stovetop on a routine basis.

Pot-filler faucets are installed on the wall behind the kitchen stove to make filling pots with water before cooking easier. Because they typically have an approximately 4 gallon-per-minute water flow instead of the water-saving 1.5 gallon-per-minute flow that most kitchen sinks have, these faucets can fill pots with water very quickly to help you save time when cooking.

Be sure to install your pot-filler faucet at a location behind your stove that is higher than your tallest stockpot, and choose a faucet with a folding, pullout spout that can reach pots placed on any of the stovetop burners.

  1. High-Capacity, Modern Dishwasher

While most avid cooks enjoy preparing food, few enjoy cleaning up after eating. However, you can make cleaning post-dinner dishes easier when you install a high-capacity dishwasher equipped with modern features designed to aid in cleaning all dish types and styles so you don’t have to handwash as many dishes.

Dishwasher features that are great for home chefs include extra water jets designed to clean specific pieces of cookware, wine stem holders that keep fragile glasses in place when washing to prevent breakage, and a third rack where extra silverware and kitchen cooking utensils can be placed to get the most out of every load.

Some dishwashers also have adjustable racks that allow you to provide more clearance for large pots and pans when needed, and many of today’s dishwashers are designed to operate very quietly, so you can wash those dinner dishes before your guests leave your home without them even noticing the dishwasher is running.

  1. Commercial-Power Garbage Disposal

While garbage disposals designed for home use might have motors with one-third to one horsepower, switching to a commercial-grade garbage disposal offers home chefs many benefits.

Disposals with high-horsepower motors can grind up tough foods that disposals with less horsepower cannot, and they are strong enough to withstand heavy, frequent use without clogging your sink.

When you can dispose of vegetable peels right in the garbage disposal as you are peeling them, meal preparation is quicker and easier. The right garbage disposal also makes after-meal cleanup easier when you can scrape almost all food scraps right into the garbage disposal instead of into your garbage can, where they can emit a bad smell throughout your entire kitchen.

If you are an avid home chef, then consider investing in one or more of these kitchen upgrades that can make meal preparation and clean-up quicker, easier, and more enjoyable. Contact the licensed plumbers at Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc., for all of your plumbing needs, including new kitchen sink and appliance installations today. Call us at (630) 964-2222.


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