4 Reasons to Use a Power Rodding Service Once School Starts

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Plumbing services should not just cover emergency situations. If you want your home’s plumbing to run smoothly, then maintenance appointments will provide essential services to help prevent problems in the future. One service to consider for your home is power rodding. Power rodding involves a metal cable that plumbers will feed through drains.

The metal cable has a small rotating cleaning tool on the tips that can spin and break apart clogs without causing any damage to your pipes. As the children in your home plan a return to school, you have an ideal time to schedule a power rodding service. Learn why this specific timing is beneficial.

1. Increased Summer Use

In the summer, your bathrooms and sinks may get a lot more use. With school out, children and parents are usually home and use the indoor plumbing more often. The increased summer use could lead to more potential for clogs. For example, you may cook more at home and more grease can get down the drain.

When grease dries, it thickens and hardens, which can block up drainage pipes and cause issues for other liquids that need to pass through. The start of a new school year provides an ideal time to clean up drains and clear out the pipes from the use in the summer. The clean pipes will provide a clear path for all your drainage through the fall and winter.

2. Summer Shower Clog Removal

In the summer, showers may include a lot of different elements that do not typically go down the drain. The elements include sunscreen oils, peeled skin, beach sand, and hair. The shower drains can become a jumbled mess, and the clogs can run deep into the drainage line.

When a plumber uses a power rodder, the rodding cable does not just break up and remove the initial clog. The cable runs deep into the pipe to remove any other buildup and keep the drains clean. As the new school year begins, the summer elements in your drain will dwindle down and the drains will remain clear.

Additionally, morning routines will likely increase with the start of the school year. This could include more showers at night or right in the morning. With the drains all cleared out, you do not need to stress or worry over the increased showers during the school week. Water and suds should clear through the drains normally and provide you with easy use throughout the whole school year.

3. Rapid Summer Plant Growth

In your backyard, you may see trees and flowers bloom and grow all summer long. While the vegetation thrives above ground, you often will not see how far roots extend below ground. As roots seek minerals and moisture for plants to grow, they do not always find their way around drain pipes underground. The roots will often push their way right through the pipes.

If roots push into drain pipes, then you could run into major clog issues. Your whole plumbing system could back up, and drain water could seep into your yard and create issues with your grass and lawn. The school year often marks the end of summer and an ideal time to inspect for any invasive roots.

You do not want to root growth to start in the summer and then come back even stronger in the spring. A power rodder can easily reach the outdoor drain pipes. The spinning metal head on the end provides enough strength to power through the roots and completely clear out the pipes.

During the power rodder removal, a plumber can recognize certain areas where the roots have become a threat. You may consider removing certain plants or trees completely to prevent any additional damage in the future.

4. Limited Delays in Plumbing Use

Once the school year begins, most children are gone for most of the school day. The empty house provides an ideal time to set up an appointment with a plumber. A plumber can complete the power rodder service in the middle of the day so you do not have to worry about the temporary water shutoff.

You will not need to worry about children who need to use the bathroom or try to find some other use for the water. In most cases, an early morning appointment will end by the time the children get home from school, and plumbing elements will be good to go.

For more information on power rodding service, contact us at Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc. Visit our website to see more of our services, or call us directly at (630) 964-2222 to set up an appointment. A power rodding service you do now will help prevent any major plumbing emergencies in the future. We look forward to helping you have great plumbing this coming school year.


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