4 Eco-Friendly Toilet Upgrade Options

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Older toilets can end up using a lot of water on a daily basis. If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill, then consider upgrading the toilets in your home. A newtoilet and professional installation come with many benefits that directly impact you and the environment.

Learn about the eco-friendly upgrades and how each one helps the environment.

  1. Toilet Tank Replacement

The older your toilet is, the more water waste the plumbing fixture creates on a daily basis. Toilets have improved over time to reduce the amount of water used and a full replacement can make a big difference in your home.

One option to consider a low-flow toilet tank. The tank design uses pressure and gravity to provide a strong flush without as much water needed to push through the opening. A low-flow tank will fill faster and require less water overall. The low-flow tank is also a little quieter than a traditional toilet, reducing the amount of noise each time you flush.

Along with a tank replacement, a plumber can inspect and replace the inlet pipes for the toilet. Over time, the pipes could wear down and corrode. Hard water minerals could cling to the sides of pipes and reduce the direct flow to the toilet. Fixing multiple elements outside the toilet will make a difference in the way your toilet runs.

  1. Dual-Flush Options

Along with a toilet tank replacement, you can replace the way your toilet flushes. For many homes, a single handle is the only way to clear the contents of a toilet. Unfortunately, the single flush uses the same amount of water no matter what the contents of the toilet are. To help control the amount of water used with every flush, consider dual-flush installations.

A dual-flush toilet includes a quick small flush and a larger full flush. You can dramatically cut down on your water waste with the flush button options. You have a lot more control over the water flow. Consider the dual-flush toilets for every toilet in your home to make the biggest impact.

The installation of a dual-flush toilet includes more complicated components than a standard toilet. Allow a plumber to properly install the new toilets and test out the flow to ensure each one works properly.

  1. Bidet Toilet Seats

Used internationally for multiple centuries, the bidet isn’t as popular in the United States but will help reduce the use of toilet paper in your home. A bidet includes a small water element that sprays up to clean off a person without the need for toilet paper. A reduction in toilet paper use will have a major impact on the environment and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Some toilets come with bidets built into them. A plumber can install a whole new toilet or connect a separate bidet to your current toilet. The water line typically runs to your toilet tank and will provide you with quick access to streams. You can choose advanced controls with more powerful streams and different water flows.

In some cases, you may need a low-powered stream, which will help reduce your water use even further. The reduction of toilet paper use will also help the overall health of your septic tank. The septic tank will have less waste build-up and you can reduce potential clogs or overflow.

  1. LED Lighting

When you have to use the bathroom at night, you can reduce the amount of electricity you use with the installation of LED lights. You can have LED lights installed around the bowl of the toilet so it illuminates and you can navigate through the bathroom without the need to turn on all of the overhead lights.

A plumber can help point out the best areas for LED light installation. You can find an area where water will not impact the lights. Some new toilet installations may include built-in lights. The lights will come on automatically based on a light sensor, saving you even more power. A plumber can showcase the toilets with the feature and help with the full installation.

Your carbon footprint and environmental impact will reduce with just one of the changes, but if you implement all of them, you can have an even bigger impact.

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