4 Bathroom Upgrades Ideal for Family Use

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Do you have a growing family? Perhaps you’ve recently married or had a partner move in. No matter your family situation, you need the bathroom space and functionality to meet the needs of all family members. The same way you adapt other rooms in the home, you should consider some plumbing upgrades in your home bathrooms.

Discover some easy-to-implement upgrades for your bathrooms.A Couple Brushing Their Teeth — Lisle, IL — Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc

  1. Double Vanity Sinks

Another person in the house means you have another person going through the same daily bathroom routines like brushing teeth and washing hands. To help make the bathroom use more manageable, consider the installation of a double vanity sink. With a double sink, a family member can have their own side with items like a toothbrush and toothpaste.

For adults, teenagers, or older children sharing a bathroom, this will allow for less stressful and more productive bathroom routines. You don’t have to coordinate schedules for when each person uses the sink, and you benefit from additional room so you don’t have to squabble over counter space for bathroom supplies.

For younger children who share a bathroom with older family members, they can brush teeth, comb hair, and wash their hands at the same time as teenagers or adults. Seeing adults perform these actions is an ideal way to showcase healthy habits, especially when a child can brush their teeth at the same time.

A dual vanity sink allows gives you room to add a small step stool for younger children. When you keep the step stool at one sink, everyone in the house can easily access the second sink without the need to constantly move the stool. Traffic in the bathroom moves a lot smoother, and a young child will gain more independence with the stool and sink access.

To prevent excess water use, consider the installation of a sink faucet with a sensor. A child can wave their hands under the sink faucet, and it will automatically shut off so a child does not use too much water or accidentally leave the sink running.

  1. Dual-Flush Toilet

A dual-flush toilet includes two ways to flush. It has two buttons: one for liquid waste and one for solid matter. The button for the liquid waste only flushes a certain amount of water compared to the solid waste button. The less powerful flush will help conserve a lot of water, though dual-flush toilets, in general, use less water than traditional toilets.

A plumber can install a new toilet for your bathroom. If you have multiple bathrooms in the home, then you may consider the installation of multiple toilets to reduce water use in the whole home. The water conservation will benefit everyone in the home. You can teach younger children about why water conservation is important and how it benefits the entire family financially, as well as the environment.

  1. Showerhead Upgrades

For family members who enjoy showers, one of the main concerns might water pressure. Water that shoots out too fast could be too much for some family members. Help make any family member able to enjoy a shower with showerhead upgrades.

For example, an adjustable showerhead offers different speeds. Some family members might enjoy a gentle shower experience and enjoy the water flow more. Different settings may include a gentle rain or a low-flowing, widespread water release.

Along with a change in the showerhead, a plumber can install a handheld showerhead. The showerhead pulls off so that a person can more easily maneuver it and control their shower experience. It allows for easier body rinsing, shaving, and hair rinsing. And when you have messy kids or pets, you can more easily get the mud, dirt, and stains off them. Save money by not having to take your dog to the groomer.

The handheld showerhead also makes shower cleaning a lot easier. Instead of a fixed spot that doesn’t reach every corner, a handheld showerhead can reach even the most hard-to-reach areas. That can help the adult or child in charge of bathroom cleanup not stress out as much.

  1. Built-In Bath Shelves

This upgrade allows you to easily organize bath items. A plumber can upgrade the shell of a shower bath to include built-in bath shelves. The shelves include easy-to-reach places for shampoo, body wash, conditioner, bars of soap, or bath bombs. Small hooks or hangers are ideal for hanging washcloths or sponges. You can fill up the space and swap out items as needed.

Higher shelves also provide spaces for parents to place shower items out of reach from younger children. For example, you should put razors out of a child’s reach. Easily keep your bathtub organized, and assign each person their own space to hold items.

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