4 Advantages of Power Rodding Over Hydro Jetting

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Power Rodding — Lisle, IL — Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, IncA professional plumber is your best resource to clear clogged drains. Two of the more common ways to get rid of deep clogs are with a power rodder or a hydro jet. The service option you choose can make a big difference for your pipes. While both may get rid of the main clog, you will find many advantages with a power rodding service.

Learn about power rodding and all of the advantages that it has versus hydro jetting.

1. Chops Clogs Up

To understand the main advantages, you have to understand the mechanics of both devices. A power rodder has a sharp end on it that looks like a claw. Once inserted into the pipe, the claw spins around in a similar motion to a blender. A plumber uses a foot pump to manually guide the power rodder through the pipes.

A majority of the time, a power rodder is used on outdoor pipes and then extended to interior pipes. In some cases, the rodder is used on interior pipes, especially when a clog is isolated to locations like a sink or toilet.

A hydro jet uses powerful water streams to push debris through the pipe. The jetting system works in a similar way to the rodder and is manually fed through the pipes.

The chopping action from power rodding can provide an advantage for eliminating clogs. Debris like toilet paper is broken down into smaller bits and sent into the septic system or sewer line. When debris is broken down into smaller pieces, it can dissolve and move more easily through the system.

With a hydro jetter, the clog is pushed forward using the force of the water. The pushing action may simply move the clog to another location.

2. Adapts to All Pipes

The end of a power rodder comes with a removable claw piece or cutter. A plumber will choose the properly sized end piece to fit into your pipes and reach the edges of the pipes without causing damage. The specific sizes create more accurate cleans with each use.

While a hydro jet provides full pipe coverage with water streams, the most powerful part of the jet comes from the center of the stream. The universal design of a hydro jet fits into every pipe, but may not have the same performance a specific rodder end piece would.

3. Breaks Up Hardened Materials

Along with clogs, your pipes could have grease and grime build-up on the sides that increase the chances of more clogs forming in the future. Dried materials create a hard texture and surface that the hot water of a hydro jet may not properly break away.

A power rodder will slowly snake its way through the pipe to chip away at debris. A plumber may also use a video inspection camera to see areas where heavy build-up has occurred. With the pipe walls cleaned off, drainage will flow from your house.

Even if you don’t have a clog, you may consider a pipe inspection and power rodding service every couple of years. The removal of build-up can prevent disasters down the line, including sewage back-ups through the drain pipes in your home.

4. Cuts Through Foreign Objects

There are some things that a powerful water stream is just not strong enough to cut through. For example, if your clogged pipes are located on the outside of the home, then tree roots could be the cause of the problem. Tree roots will often grow and push their way into plumbing draining systems. A hydro jet may push some clogs past the tree roots, but it cannot remove the root.

A power rodding service cuts through tree roots and removes the obstruction from the pipes. After the roots are cut, the power rodder will push the debris through the pipe and prevent future clogs. The video feed inspection can determine how much damage is done. For example, an invasive root may mean you have to replace a section of exterior piping.

The same process can work for foreign objects that were accidentally flushed down the toilet. For example, if a child flushed down hard plastic or rubber toys, then a power rodder could chop and break up the toys. The process is typically done in one service trip unless more repairs are needed.

For more information on our sewer & septic services, call us at Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc at (630) 964-2222. We offer professional power rodding services for both interior and exterior plumbing. Our team knows how to properly guide and use a power rodder to keep your pipes clean and clear from clogs. We can set up an appointment and come out to your property as soon as possible.


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