Let Us Repair Your Shut-Off Valve

How frequently do you think about your home’s main water shut-off valve? If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t consider this component very often. You probably don’t use it regularly, if at all.

However, every home has a shut-off valve that controls the building’s water supply. You need to turn off the correct valve in an emergency situation or if you need to perform repairs on a plumbing fixture.

If the shut-off valve in your Lisle, IL home doesn’t function properly, you need quick repair from an experienced plumber. To request prompt, professional shut-off valve replacement, contact Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. We’ll dispatch one of our licensed plumbers to take care of your problem quickly.

Where Is My Valve Located?

Your valve’s location and style depends on how and when your home was constructed. Your home’s valve could be outside or inside; it could have a round handle or a lever; and it could be located in the basement, crawlspace, or somewhere else entirely.

If you built your home from the ground up, you probably know where your valve is. But if you recently moved into an already-established home, you might not know much about your main shut-off valve. Look in the basement near the front foundation wall or near the water heater.

Each individual appliance should also have a nearby water shut-off valve. Each valve needs to function correctly to help you avoid leaks and keep your water bill low.

How Can One of Our Plumbers or Technicians Help?

If you live in the Lisle, Hinsdale, Glen Ellyn, Naperville or any of the surrounding areas and need to replace or repair the valve or install a new one, our plumbers can resolve the problem quickly and safely. We’ll ensure it works properly so you can turn it off during emergencies and repairs.

To schedule affordable, prompt shut-off valve replacement, contact us today at 630-964-2222. We’ll give you an upfront price estimate, then give you the high-quality work you expect from our company.

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