Professional Plumbing Services in Plainfield, IL

When a pipe bursts or your toilet backs up, you need emergency plumbing services to solve the problem and get your home’s plumbing running normally again. When you turn to Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc., you rely on a team with more than 40 years of plumbing experience.

We can repair any plumbing problem you have so you can keep using your modern conveniences without any difficulty. If you live in Plainfield, IL, call us today at 630-964-2222 to schedule any of our plumbing services.

Professional Work You Can Trust

We know that your plumbing system can face many different problems. We offer services like drain cleaning to keep your pipes clean and flowing freely. We also offer annual preventive sewer rodding for those who have reoccurring tree root problems in the sewer line.

Want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? Get in touch with our family run business. We provide quality plumbing products to help you create the perfect new look for either of these spaces.  We offer the most popular brands to enhance the look of your bathroom or kitchen.

If you’d like to schedule a service call for your home in Plainfield, IL, let us know. Contact us at 630-964-2222 for emergency or routine plumbing services. We look forward to assisting you.

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