4 Bathroom Upgrades Ideal for Family Use

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Do you have a growing family? Perhaps you’ve recently married or had a partner move in. No matter your family situation, you need the bathroom space and functionality to meet the needs of all family members. The same way you adapt other rooms in the home, you should consider some plumbing upgrades in your home bathrooms.

Discover some easy-to-implement upgrades for your bathrooms.A Couple Brushing Their Teeth — Lisle, IL — Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc

  1. Double Vanity Sinks

Another person in the house means you have another person going through the same daily bathroom routines like brushing teeth and washing hands. To help make the bathroom use more manageable, consider the installation of a double vanity sink. With a double sink, a family member can have their own side with items like a toothbrush and toothpaste.

For adults, teenagers, or older children sharing a bathroom, this will allow for less stressful and more productive bathroom routines. You don’t have to coordinate schedules for when each person uses the sink, and you benefit from additional room so you don’t have to squabble over counter space for bathroom supplies.

4 Modern Outdoor Water Faucet Types and Their Unique Benefits

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Woman Washing Hands in Outdoor Water Faucets — Lisle, IL — Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc

Now that springtime is on its way, learn about all of your outdoor water faucet options to determine if your home has the faucet type best for the family’s needs.

The most common outdoor faucet type consists of a spigot, or a hose bib, coupled with a simple compression valve. While this faucet style allows your family to obtain cold water outdoors when necessary, it lacks many of the benefits of today’s modern outdoor water faucets.

Learn about four modern outdoor water faucet types and each of their unique benefits.

4 Eco-Friendly Toilet Upgrade Options

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Toilet — Lisle, IL — Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc

Older toilets can end up using a lot of water on a daily basis. If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bill, then consider upgrading the toilets in your home. A newtoilet and professional installation come with many benefits that directly impact you and the environment.

Learn about the eco-friendly upgrades and how each one helps the environment.

  1. Toilet Tank Replacement

The older your toilet is, the more water waste the plumbing fixture creates on a daily basis. Toilets have improved over time to reduce the amount of water used and a full replacement can make a big difference in your home.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Water Shutoff Valves

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Hand Spins Water Shutoff Valve — Lisle, IL — Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc
Every homeowner should know where their home’s water shutoff valves are located and how they work. These valves help you control the flow of water into and throughout your home. They can also help you prevent extensive home water damage if a water fixture malfunctions or a water pipe bursts and you need to shut off the flow of water in your home in a hurry.

Read on to learn more about your home’s water shutoff valves, the valve types available today, and the signs you need new valves.

Shutoff Valves Present in Homes

3 Seemingly Small Toilet Problems That Can Have Big Consequences

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Cleaned Toilet — Lisle, IL — Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc

While many toilet problems are obvious, such as a clogged toilet or toilet that just won’t flush, others are less apparent. However, many small toilet problems can be symptoms of larger problems. If not resolved, they can lead to even bigger problems.

Read on to learn about three small toilet problems that should not be ignored.

1. Gurgling

If you hear a gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl when it is not being flushed, do not ignore this noise, because toilet gurgling is typically a symptom of a much larger plumbing problem.

Two plumbing problems that can cause a toilet to gurgle include a clogged main sewer line and a clogged vent stack. Your home’s vent stack is a pipe that allows sewer gasses to escape from your home.


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