3 Ways New Bathroom and Kitchen Faucets Enhance Your Life

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Replacing your kitchen and bathroom faucets is a worthwhile investment, especially if your faucets haven’t been updated in 15 years, which is the average lifespan of faucets. Now is a good time to pick out some new faucets, there are many choices in faucet styles and materials are available to meet the design of every household.

As you plan your kitchen or bathroom remodel, research the various types of faucets that will work in your home. Get the most use out of your new faucets by following the three tips listed below.

1. Use New Fixtures to Make Your Life Easier

A kitchen sink with lots of features can seem like every home remodeler’s dream. However, not every homeowner wants a faucet with a pull down prep sprayer. Choose plumbing fixtures that meet your personal wants and needs regardless of the trends.

Take an inventory of your present sink and faucet situation. What do you wish you could change? If you have trouble getting tall pots and pans under your present kitchen faucet, you could choose a faucet with a gooseneck-style faucet rather than the standard straight style.

Some homeowners want faucets that can be operated with only one hand. This makes it easier for people to rinse cooking tools and ingredients when one hand is messy or contaminated with food residue.

One-handled faucets are also helpful for people with mobility issues. While these faucets take up less space than traditional two-handled faucets, you may need more room behind the one-handled faucet to accommodate the movement of the handle.

If you’re concerned about maintaining a germ-free home, a touchless faucet can help reduce the spread of germs. Using a motion sensor, the touchless faucet delivers hand-washing pressure and turns itself off when you’re done.

2. Use New Faucets to Sell Your Home

If you’re planning to sell your home soon, you want kitchen and bathroom upgrades that are sought after by potential buyers. Since kitchen and bathroom habits and personal requirements vary from region to region and family to family, ask local real estate agents about what features buyers want when house-hunting for properties in your neighborhood.

Take into account your asking price when choosing the plumbing fixtures. High-income couples may want pricy fixtures and designer sinks. If you feature your chef-style kitchen as a selling point, upgrade the kitchen sink and faucet to accommodate advanced, mass cooking tasks.

A middle-income family of four may want double sinks in the bathroom and a spray hose at the kitchen sink. Families with small children appreciate an extra-deep sink in the laundry room to soak sports gear and baby clothes.

Other family-friendly fixtures to consider installing are the new thermostatic and pressure-balance shower and tub valves. These valves monitor water temperature so household members of all ages enjoy safe water temperatures when they bathe or shower.

If water prices are high in your area, choose low-flow, water-saving fixtures that appeal to budget-conscious buyers. Green features in your faucets will also appeal to eco-friendly buyers.

3. Use New Fixtures to Feel Unique

Today’s faucet designs are anything but utilitarian. In the past, people were limited in the styles and designs of faucets they could purchase. Today, you can make your home a shining example of innovation by installing new faucets in the home.

For example, you can install a faucet right above your stovetop that can fill pots as they sit on the stove. If you routinely boil plenty of pasta or you preserve a lot of foods at home, a pot-filler faucet is probably perfect for you.

For smaller water needs, a beverage faucet that works with a water filter is a great option. If you’ve always wanted a small prep sink in your kitchen island, you have many options for bar and prep faucets in arc and vintage styles.

In the bathroom, vessel-style faucets are available in chunky modern and ornate Victorian styles. Choose matching sink-mounted soap dispensers and other accessories to create sophisticated, coordinated looks in your home’s bathrooms.

Some contemporary faucet sets allow you to easily change the style of your faucets by simply unscrewing the faucet hardware above the sink. If you like to change up room looks often, this type of faucet gives you the flexibility you need. Other models of faucets allow you to tighten and adjust the fixtures from above the sink if you can’t bend under the sink easily.

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