Plumbing Maintenance & Repair for Aurora, IL

Your home in Aurora, IL is a haven from the world—until the plumbing doesn’t work. It can be difficult for you and your family to relax when your water heater malfunctions, your kitchen sink backs up, or your pipes spring a leak.

If you want to restore your home’s plumbing (and your overall comfort), call the professionals at Jim Dhamer Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. For over 40 years, we’ve served clients like you across the Chicago suburbs. Trust us to handle your plumbing problem efficiently, affordably, and professionally.

Services From Our Reliable Plumbing Contractor

At Jim Dhamer Plumbing, we have experience with everything from water heater repair to new appliance installations. We can address small problems like clogged sinks and large, potentially disastrous problems like sewer and sump pump damage. Regardless of the service you need, we have the necessary experience and training to resolve it quickly.

Visit our services page to learn more about the myriad of ways we can assist you, such as: 

Years of Dedicated Local Service

The technicians at our family owned and operated business know exactly what life in the Chicago suburbs is like. As members of your community, we’re committed to making the area a better place by helping you feel truly at home here. We respect your time and schedule, and we are open Monday-Friday from 7-4 and Saturday service is available.

To get in touch with our plumbing contractor, call 630-964-2222 today. 

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